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Vaasudeva Process Management Pvt Ltd,  is a Technology driven Process and Business Automation Solutions company lead by Industrial Automation  domain experts. Team has 50+ years of experience in understanding Process Industry Critical requirements, identifying critical problems affecting company’s business performance and providing Solutions through cost-effective and innovative technologies.

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Our Offerings 

Industrial Automation

& Process Control


Industrial Automation Products Sales - Temperature Sensors, Pressure transmitters, Flow Sensors and Transmitters, Level monitoring devices, Gas & Liquid analysers, Control Panel instruments, Servo Drives, Variable Frequency Drives, VFD, Programmable Logic Controllers, PLC, SCADA Automation Solutions, Industrial Computers, HMI Panels, Operator Panels


Monitoring Solutions


Smart City Monitoring Solutions includes - network of wireless devices, Intermediate Cloud application software, Integration with Third party applications and Local/ Remote data centres , LED Display panels, Data Analytics and Reports which allows civic authorities to provide essential CITY services in a faster and more efficient manner. These Solutions reduce Overall energy consumption, Efficient Environment monitoring Zero Water Loss, Transport management etc.

Industrial IoT



Customised Industrial IOT Solutions includes applications such as Centralized Building Water Management System, Ambient Air quality monitoring, Water Quality monitoring, Water distribution management etc with IOT device development, testing, Execution of Turnkey contract for implementation, Customised dash board for data analytics and reporting


& Construction Services


The I&C Engineering and installation services includes Engineering and Consulting services, Data sheet preparation/validation, Technology Presentations, Field instruments product Specifications design, SCADA System architecture, Typical PLC hardware and Logic design, IO allocations, panel design, Techno commercial evaluation of bids, Procurement of all hardware and software, Supervision of Installation and commissioning, SCADA implementation, Networking , etc..

Our Products Categories 

Flow Measurement
  • Orifice Plates

  • Domestic Water Meters

  • Flow Nozzles

  • Pitot Tube

  • Differential Pressure Transmitters

  • Electro-Magnetic

  • Vortex

  • Ultrasonic

  • Turbine

  • Flow Sensors

  • Industrial Gas Detectors

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitor

  • Coal Moisture Analyser

  • Multi Parameter Ware Quality Tester

  • Online Water Quality Analyser.

Pressure Measurement
  • Pressure Transmitters

  • SMART Transmitters

Control Products & Systems
  • Indicators/Controllers

  • Data Loggers/Recorders

  • Instrumentation Control Panels


  • Calibrators

  • SMART Plant Instrumentation

Temperature Measurement
  • Thermocouples  & RTDs

  • SMART Transmitters

  • Radiation Pyrometers

IIoT Products &Solutions
  • IIoT Products

  • IIoT Solutions

Modern Luxury Home
Level Measurement
  • Capacitance Type

  • Ultrasonic Type

  • Radar Type

  • Borewell Water Level Sensors

Outdoor Business Meeting
Business Consulting Services
  • Business Process Managment

  • Technical Training Services

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